Recently I was talking to someone who, in recounting his history with his ex-wife, said that they went to a “shrink” before they got divorced. He told me the counseling was like a lifeline, yet while it did get them talking, it didn’t save their marriage. It did, however, make that life transition easier.

That’s the thing about life. It’s unpredictable. You never know if what you set out to heal is going to change in the way that you want it to. As you start to vet your issues out in the open they take on a life of their own and not only do your issues change but you change along the way too. You may even realize that what you originally wanted undergoes a transformation into a new dream. The “healing” you sought that impelled you to seek a counselor may end up looking completely different than you thought it would.

That’s actually when life gets really fun and interesting. When you start to get curious about what is possible and stop trying to control everything then you can relax and be with what is. Then the filters start to dissolve and you can meet life as it is, not how you think it should be.

When this happens life gets sweeter. And you feel more powerful. Why? Because you’ve stopped using all your energy resisting what is. Then, if you don’t like your life, you can make a choice to change it based on clarity instead of reaction. That’s powerful!
… though not always easy.

In my practice as a counselor and healer I help you get clarity on what is important in your life so you can heal and move forward in the direction that truly satisfies.

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