Dr Jeannie is amazing!

For over ten years, I have been dealing with progressively deteriorating pelvic and back stability and the accompanying, sometimes paralyzing, pain. This has also resulted in greater physical and lifestyle limitations. I have tried everything allopathic medicine offered me; some of it just didn’t work. In addition, I suffer from celiac disease and the resulting complications from having the diagnosis only a few years ago.

Finally, I stumbled upon Dr. Jeannie Brisson. I have found hope and improvement; lots of improvement, in fact.

I started with acupuncture treatments for pain relief, and did I ever get relief! Instant relief! Jeannie is a very gifted acupuncturist. Through the acupuncture treatments, my body also gained balance, which in turn led to better results from my chiropractic adjustments. We then added the naturopathic/nutritional element. This has produced amazing results! To date, my pain has been virtually eliminated, and I can actually sleep most nights. My chiropractic visits are down and I no longer need hormone supplements. My prescription medications have been severely reduced, and some have been eliminated because the chronic conditions (high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) have improved so much.

~Linda Raw


Jeannie is a healer who transcends any narrow definition of “doctor” or “healer” or “guide.”

I have had powerful healing experiences under her care, to release physical and emotional pain. I trust her in every way — to help me find the stuck places and let the pain flow out, and rest deeply.

I know that she won’t hold onto the gunk that’s coming out of me or judge me for any of it.

With her, I am safe to go deep and be with whatever happens. Her presence was grounded, loving, wise, tender and incredibly accurate in finding the places where I could release intense pain. I felt safe to touch into a very deep, vulnerable place — and I was able to release long-held pain.

I highly recommend Jeannie as a partner in healing. She is a true healer.

~Carolyn Brown

Jeannie Brisson is doctor, counselor, spiritual guide and healer.

In the ten plus years I have had the privilege of being her patient I have undertaken some of the most challenging work of my life. My journey to health, healing and spiritual awakening has at times stripped me down to the core on many levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

At every dimension Dr. Brisson has been there to support me in my journey. She possess the knowledge and wisdom to meet me exactly were I am and then with loving kindness encourage me to take the next step in my path of self development.

In our modern world health care is sliced and diced in to very specific specialties leaving us with many who know a tremendous amount about one thing but no one to help us figure out the big picture of how to be healthy, happy, and radiant. In my experience, Dr. Brisson possesses this ability. She understands the many facets of health and uses her finely tuned intuition to develop treatment sessions right for you.

Whether you are looking for relief from physical pain or ready to delve deep in to the depths of who you are, Jeannie Brisson can help.

~Melissa Dunford


Dr. Jeannie Brisson is a breath of fresh air!

Our work together began seven years ago at a pivotal time in my life when I felt stuck and my wheels were spinning. I quickly discovered that not only was she an intuitive spiritual guide and counselor, but also a brilliant doctor and gifted healer. Since that time Dr. Jeannie has been there at every turn.

She has been present and supported me in my journey to physical health, emotional wellbeing, and spiritual growth. There have been times when my work has been challenging and she has had to “call it like it is,” but she does so with compassion, encouragement, and patience.

Importantly, Dr. Jeannie is a practitioner who understands all facets of wellness and maintains a true partnership in my health. Her breadth of knowledge is expansive, her intuitive ability to delve into the spiritual and emotional realm is uncanny, and her integrity is without question.

It is with greatest respect that I recommend Dr. Jeannie Brisson.

~Jo Harun