Change is good, right. At least that is how the old saying goes. Well, maybe change is inevitable but it sometimes doesn’t feel very good when it’s happening. Especially when we are not ready or maybe even not wanting it to happen at all. Yet in life we really don’t get a choice in all things, especially when it comes to aging. And for women who live long enough, menopause is one of those life changing events that is part of the package we call life.

Let’s face it. The body changes of menopause can be down right annoying and even a bit scary at times. Some women are blessed with very few, if any, symptoms. While others have every issue on the list! The barrage of symptoms include everything from insomnia, weight gain, hot flashes, and nights sweats, to irritability, vaginal dryness, and heavy bleeding. All can add up to putting more stress on an already stressed out body.

The adrenal glands take the biggest hit. They respond by releasing cortisol which helps us deal with the stress better but creates a whole other set of problems, like that annoying bulge around the middle. They also produce a small amount of estrogen for the rest of our lives, long after the ovaries have shut down for good. So we really need to take good care of them. We also want to start listening to the wisdom of the body, and the messages it is sending, on a whole new level.

Taking care of our whole self can be one of the many gifts of “The Change”.  The gift of listening and responding to the signals our body is giving for needed support might be totally new for some of us. It may be a deeper, more fine tuned listening for others.  Some of us have to learn completely new habits because the old way of doing our lives just doesn’t work any more. Some of us have to just make some targeted adjustments.

Wherever you are on the spectrum of change, I can help.

I’ve helped countless women alleviate or greatly reduce their symptoms. And I’ve helped them put healthy habits in place to bring them to a whole new level of vibrant living.